Thermocouple Insert

Thermocouple Insert

   Interchangeable measuring insert for thermocouple as spare part for replacement of failed inserts or in maintenance activities.

The interchangeable insert for thermocouples is made according to the various needs so that it can be immediately installed and put into operation in a simple way.

Thanks to the availability of different measuring sheath materials it meets all process temperatures in different applications.

In addition, through multiple connection solutions and temperature transmitters, it can be immediately interfaced with your data acquisition system.  

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ASTC-I model

Single or double thermocouple
Type K, J, T, N. Other types on request
Tolerance class 1 or 2 according to CEI EN60584-1, Standard or Special according to ASTM E230
Hot junction: isolated or grounded
Simple or mineral oxide isolated execution (MgO)
Sheath in SS 304, 310, 316, 321, Inconel600, Nicrobell C
Diameters ranging from 0.5 to 8 mm
Ceramic terminal block, or temperature transmitter (4..20 mA output) with sprung insert






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Insert for Thermocouple

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