RTD with Flanged Junction  

RTD with Flanged Junction

Resistance thermometer for aero-thermal measurements fitted with fixing flange for air treatment and air conditioning systems.

The resistance thermometer with sliding flange on sheath allows easy and fast fixing in air conditioning and air treatment ducts in industrial facilities.

The IP67 connection head, containing electrical connections, allows installation in various environments both indoors and outdoors exposed to the weather conditions.  

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ASPT-FL model

Resistance thermometer for aero-thermal measurements from dry/humid air ducts
Nominal resistances: 100 Ohm @ 0 °C, 1000 Ohm @ 0 °C, (others available on request).
Number of wires 2, 3 or 4
Tolerance class according to EN60751 or DIN
Measurement range from –100 °C to + 400 °C
Simple insulation execution
Sheath in SS 304 or 316
Diameter of the sheath of 6 or 8 mm
Aluminum connection head
Electrical connection input M20x1,5mm including cable gland
Internal connection with ceramic terminal block or temperature transmitter (analog output 4..20 mA)
Aluminum flange DN 50 or 75, 3-hole fixing, for process interface
Aero-thermal hole for environmental measurements






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RTD with Flanged Junction

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