Atex Temperature Transmitters

Atex Temperature Transmitters

Temperature transmitters for areas with potentially explosive atmospheres, ATEX 2014/34/UE certificates

ATEX Temperature transmitters convert sensor input signals from 4 to 20 mA current output signals with HART®, PROFIBUS PA®, FOUNDATION Fieldbus® communication protocols in potentially explosive atmospheres. 

They are mounted directly in the head / case of the sensor and depending on the Atex Zone and the wall thickness of the Atex thermowell (for Zone 0 Thickness => 3mm, for Zone 1 Thickness => 1 mm) can also be used temperature transmitters  employed in ordinary environment  

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Atex Temperature Transmitters

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    Atex Temperature Probes Manufacturer

    Duplex RTD Pt100 Atex

    Double Pt100 Atex temperature probe, 3+3 wires with minerale oxide insulation.
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    Pt100 Atex Ambient Temperature Surveys

    Pt100 Atex for aerothermal surveys in potentially explosive atmospheres
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    ATEX Resistance Thermometer with Flange

    Atex Pt100 3-wire temperature probe with flanged connection
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