Thermocouple Cables

Thermocouple Cables

Extension and compensation Cables in Thermocouple quality

For the correct connection of thermocouples to measuring or data acquisition instruments, we can supply, in addition to the sensors, cables for thermocouple, extension or compensation cables with flexible or rigid conductors and insulations in different materials for different fields of use from –200 °c to + 1200 °C.

Thermocouple grade cables are cables typically used to form the thermocouple circuit, constructed of the same alloy as the thermocouple materials to which they are to be connected to. 
This type of Thermocouple  cables type E, K, J, L, N, T, for single pairs or multiples, use class 1 conductors and insulation materials that can reach operating temperatures up to 1200 °C. 

Extension cables
use conductors having the same materials as the thermocouple to which they are to be connected to, but with tolerances greater than class 1. They have a working temperature range between 0°C and 200°C, depending on the material used for the insulation of the conductors or the outer sheath. 

Compensation cables
, on the other hand, use different materials from the thermocouple leads to which they are to be connected to, but allow the same temperature/emf characteristics. They are less accurate but cheaper, generally recommended for long distance connections.  

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Conductor and sheath insulation materials 

Silicone Rubber
Food Rubber 
Teflon (MFA, PFA, PTFE) 
Fiberglass with both tin-plated copper and SS304 frame
Quartz fiber
Ceramic fiber
Conductor construction: rigid or flexible
Shielding: tape or braided type, with drain wire option for easy connections
Conductors diameter: rigid from 0.2 mm to 1 mm, flexible from 0.05 mm2 to 1 mm2 (others available on request)
Color codes: according to International standards (ANSI, IEC, DIN…)
Number of conductors: 2,4 (others available on request), either for single couple, double couple or multiples






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Thermocouple Cables

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