Atex Thermowells

Atex Thermowell

Thermowells for Atex zones in bar or pipe execution for the separation of zone 0/1 or 20/21 and for the protection of thermo elements from severe process conditions

Thermowells provide separation from Zone 0/1 or 20/21 and protection of thermo elements from mechanical, chemical, or physical damage during immersion, allowing long-term use of the sensor. 

They can be made from tube or solid bar, depending on the process conditions and the Atex Zone where the thermometric complexes are to be installed. 

Standard materials used: SS 304, 321, 310, 316, 446, INCONEL600, HASTELLOY, ECC 
Thermowells made from pipe are used when stresses or pressures are not very influential and where the required length is considerably extended. 
Thermowells made out of a solid bar are used when the thermo element is subjected to high pressure or chemical/physical/mechanical stresses due to heavy-duty processes. 

In both types, for installations in Atex zones, it is necessary to guarantee the wall thickness such as:  

  • thickness for Zone 0 => 3mm
  • thickness for Zone 1 => 1mm
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ASPZ-Ex Model

Thermowell made from pipe / bar
Sheath in SS 304, 321, 310, 316, 446, INCONEL600, HASTELLOY, ECC
Outer diameter: on request to (minimum thickness 3 mm with respect to the inner hole)
Inner hole: on request
Junction to process: GAS or NPT threaded or UNI or ANSI flanged
Junction on sensor side: GAS or NPT threaded
Length under process junction: on request mm
Max pressure: (depending on the length of immersion, the type of pipe-shaped or bar-shaped well)






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Atex Thermowell

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