Resistance Thermometer Pt100 Atex

Pt100 Atex

Resistance thermometer Pt100 Atex, Maximum temperature +300 °C
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Double Pt100 Atex temperature probe

Duplex RTD Pt100 Atex

Double Pt100 Atex temperature probe, 3+3 wires with minerale oxide insulation.
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Atex Resistance Thermometer with flange

ATEX Resistance Thermometer with Flange

Atex Pt100 3-wire temperature probe with flanged connection
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Pipe surface atex temperature probe

Pt100 ATEX for Pipes

Pt100 Atex resistance thermometer for temperature measurements on pipes
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RTD Atex Pt100 3 wires

RTD Pt100 Atex 3 wires

RTD Pt100 Atex 3 wires with Ipaq Temperature Transmitter
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