RTD Pt100 Atex 3 wires

RTD Atex Pt100 3 wires

Atex Resistance Thermometer Pt100 with ATEX EX d aluminum connection Head

Pt100 Atex
Max Temp: 300 °C
Single execution
Number of wires: 3
Tolerance class A, according to IEC751
Sheath diameter 12mm (thickness 2mm, internal diameter 8mm)
Sheath in AISI316
Insulation: Removable insert diameter 6mm in AISI316
Sheath length 160mm from below fitting thread
Aluminum connection head: ATEX Ex d enclosure
Conduit entry: ½” NPT Female
Ipaq C201 standard transmitter, 4/20 mA (0/100 ° C)
Ambient Temp [-25 ° C – + 40 ° C]
Fixed fitting under stainless steel case, ½” Gas Male threaded