Pt100 ATEX for Pipes

Pipe surface atex temperature probe

Pt100 Atex resistance thermometer for temperature measurements on pipes in explosion risk areas

Maximum temperature: 250 ° C
Single execution
Number of wires: 3
Class A, IEC751
Sheath diameter 6mm in AISI316
Simple isolation
Length 60mm
Connection head: Atex EX case d
Conduit entry: ½ ”NPT Female
Standard transmitter, 4/20 mA, (0/60) ° C
Ambient temperature [-25 ° C to + 40 ° C]
Process connection: AISI430 hose clamp for 70 to 90mm hose, 9mm width
Thermometric complex compliant with directive 94/9 / CE (ATEX) requirements with certification