RTD Pt100 with aluminum case and revolving fittingTermoresistance
Pt100 Ohm @ 0 °C
Single 3 wires
Tolerance class A IEC751
Simple insulation
Sheath diameter 3mm in SS 304
Sheath length adapts to the bolt M6
Aluminum DIN (KF) case head connection
ATEX Ex ia standard temperature transmitter, output 4/20 mA (0/150 °C)
Extension cable sec. 4×0.15mm2 Teflon isolated, length 0,5 mt
Stainless steel revolving fitting, threaded M6x1, thread lenght 20mm
Fitting tip diameter 4x5mm

Thermoresistance Pt100 for surface surveyRTD Pt100 3 wires surface survey
Single 3 wires
Class A, as IEC751
Insulation by MgO compressed
Sheath diameter 6mm in AISI316, length 400mm
Head connection by aluminium DIN B
Transmitter SEM 203P, output 4-20 mA, configured 0…100 °C
Sliding compression fittings ½” NPT Male

Thermowell in AISI 316L
Inner hole 6,5mm
Immersion 300mm under flange
Total length 350mm