Pt100 with Nut

Double Thermoresistance Pt100 Ohm @ 0 °CDouble RTD Pt100 with Nut
Double element, 3+3 wires
Tolerance Class B IEC751
Simple insulation
Sheath diameter 4mm in AISI304
Sheath length 30mm from below fitting thread
Pot Seal Transiction in AISI, diameter 6x50mm inox + anti-crease spring
Extension cable section 6×0.34 mm2, Teflon insulated, length 5 Meters
Fix compression fitting welded on pot seal transiction, threaded ¼” Gas Male

RTD Pt100 2 wiresRTD Pt100 with nut and silicon rubber
Class B
Simple Insulation
Sheath diameter 6mm in AISI304
Sheath lenght 50 mm under thread
Crease-resistant spring
Extension cable section 2X0,22 mm2 insulated by Silicon rubber, lenght 9 meters
Fixing connector in AISI, process connection 3/8” Gas Male