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RTD Pt100 3 wiresPt100 3 wires shath AISI304
Simple Insulation
Sheath diameter 4mm
Sheath material: AISI304
Sheath length 170mm
Transition junction welded with connector 6x10mm + crease-resistance spring
Extension cable section 3×0.15 mm2 insulated with white Silicon Rubber, length 3 meters
Fix compression fitting in AISI threaded ½” GAS Male

Double RTD Pt100Double Pt100
Double element 3+3 wires
Tollerance class A IEC751
Insulation by Oxide Mineral Compressed (MgO)
Sheath diameter 4,5mm in AISI316
Sheath length 220mm (from under head)
Head connection in aluminum DIN B by double compartment
Conduit imput M20x1.5mm with cable gland
Inner connection by double temperature transmitter 4…20 mA
Sliding fitting in AISI316, process connection ½ Gas Male

Thermocouple K TypeThermocouple K type
Tollerance Class 1 as IEC584 1,2
Single Hot Joint Insulated
Insert diameter 6mm in AISI316 by Mgo compressed
External sheath diameter 10mm in AISI316
Sheath length 520mm
Diameter extension in AISI316 od. 15mm
Extension length 80mm
Total length 800mm
Connection Head in aluminum DIN B
Input electrical connection M20x1.5
Ceramic terminal block 2 bores

Single Thermocouple BThermocouple B Type
Calibration ANSI MC 96.1 Standard
Single Hot Joint insulated
Wire by Platinium-Rhodium30% (+) Platinium-Rhodium6%, section 0,35mmq
Ceramic Insulation KER610 2 bores diameter 4mm
Ceramic sheath diameter 15mm in KER610
Sheath lenght 250mm
Sleeve by AISI 310 diameter 20mm
Sleeve lenght 50mm
Total lenght under-head 300mm
Head connection DIN B
Ceramic Terminal Block 2 poles with insert pullout