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RTD Pt100 ATEX 3 wiresRTD Pt100 ATEX 3 wires with Thermowell
Max Temperature 300 °C
Single Execution
Class A as norm IEC751
Sheath diameter 6 mm
Simple insulation
Sheath length 193mm (belong the thermowell)
ATEX Ex Head connection

Conduit Input: ½” NPT Female
Transmitter SEM 203P, output 4/20 mA (0/100 °C)
Fix compression fitting under case, ½” Gas male

ATEX Thermometric complex comply with safety requirement

RTD Pt100 2 wiresRTD Pt100 with nut and silicon rubber
Class B
Simple Insulation
Sheath diameter 6mm in AISI304
Sheath lenght 50 mm under thread
Crease-resistant spring
Extension cable section 2X0,22 mm2 insulated by Silicon rubber, lenght 9 meters
Fixing connector in AISI, process connection 3/8” Gas Male

RTD Pt100 4 wiresPt100 4 wires for tube
Measure range from -40 °C to +160 °C
Single element
Tolerance class A as IEC751
Sheath diameter 6mm in AISI316
Sheath for Tube T with anti-crease spring
Cable 4×0.22 mmq by silicon rubber
Cable length 20 meters
Fix fitting welded on sheath
Thread ¼” BSP
T joint fitting for pipe with 3 female input
Max pressure 10/12 bars

Thermocouple K type, singleThermocouple K High Temperature
Calibration IEC584, Class 1
Hot joint insulated
Insert in MgO, diameter 6mm in Inconel600
Ceramic sheath diameter 20mm in KER610
Sheath length 900mm
Sleeve in AISI446, diameter 26,9mm (Max Temperature 1150 °C)
Sleeve length 100mm
Total length under fitting 1000mm
Head connection in Aluminum DIN B IP67
Conduit input M20x1.5 with cable gland
Ceramic terminal block 2 bores
Compression fitting welded on sheath in AISI316 threaded 1” ½ GAS Male

RTD Pt100 single 3 wiresRTD Pt100 3 wires with thermowell
Class A
Simple insulation
Sheath diameter 6mm in AISI 304
Sheath length 193mm (belong the thermowell)
Connection head DIN B
Transmitter SEM 203P, 4/20 mA (0/100 °C)
Fix compression fitting under head, ½” Gas male

Hexagonal Head
Conical shape
Process joint 1 NPT male
Sensor connection Gas ½” Female
Immersion Length 150 mm
Extension Length 50mm
Thermowell in stainless steel AISI 316/316L