Pt100 3 wires

Atex TermoresistancePt100 Atex 3 fili
Pt100 ohm @ 0 °C
Temp max 300 °C
Single execution
Number of wires: 3
Class A as IEC751
Sheath diameter 6mm in AISI316
Simple insulation
Sheath lenght: 40mm
Head connection: ATEX EX d case – Tamb [-40 °C a +60 °C]
Conduit input: ½” NPT Female
Ceramic block 3 poles
Fix compression fitting in AISI304, threaded ½” NPT Male

Pt100 ohm @ 0 °C,Thermoresistance ATEX Pt100 3 wires
Temp Max: 300 °C
Single execution
Wires number: 3
Tolerance Class A, as IEC751
Sheath diameter 12mm (thickness 2mm, internal diameter 8mm)
Sheath in AISI316
Insulation: extractable insert diameter 6mm in AISI316
Sheath length 160mm from under fitting thread
Head connection by aluminum: ATEX EX d case
Conduit entry: ½” NPT Female
Standard Transmitter Ipaq C201, 4/20 mA (0/100 °C)
Ambient Temp: [-25 °C to +40 °C]
Inox fix Fitting under case, threaded ½” Gas Male

RTD Pt100RTD Pt100 3 wires with flange
Single 3 wires
Tollerance Class B IEC751
Simple insert diam. 6mm in AISI316
Sheath diameter 14mm in AISI316
Immersion length 200,, from under flange
Total sheath length 322mm from under head
Aluminum head DIN with clips cap
Input conduit M20x4.5mm with cable gland
Ceramic Terminal block 3 bores with inspection hole diameter 4mm
Flange process connection DN15 PN40