Probes with Connector

Thermocouple KThermocouple K with 4 bores Ceramic insulators
Tollerance Class 2 as IEC 584 1,2
Hot joint exposed
Filament K Positive diameter 1,63 mm
Filament K Negative diameter 1,63 mm
Simple Insulation by insulators 4 bores in Ceramic KER610 diameter 9mm
Sheath lenght 1.000 mm
Extension cable in Fiberglass section 2×0,5 mm2 Insulated with armour in tinplate copper,
Lenght 1 mt
Connector Mignon male

Thermocouple K TypeThermocouple K Type with connector
Calibration IEC584, Class 1
Hot Joint Insulated
Insulation in Mgo Compressed
Sheath Diameter 3.17 mm in Inconel600
Sheath length 100mm
Junction Transition diameter 6x50mm in Stainless Steel  + anticreasing spring
Extension cable section 2×0.35 mm2 insulated by silicon rubber shielded
Length 0.34 mt.
Mignature connector 2 poles male